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Many current and former staff of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago have demonstrated their commitment to accessibility through their contribution of descriptions to Coyote. Some of the MCA’s most diligent describers include:
Matti Allison, Molly Brandt, Stephen Bromfield, Michael Darling, Grace Deveney, Judith Harding, Jeannine Pollard, Sally Eaves, Sarah Grosspietsch, Maggie Haggerty, Maria Jenkins, Molly Laemle, Karsten Lund, Grace Needleman, Marissa Reyes, Abraham Ritchie, Melissa Roels, Bonnie Rosenberg, Lydia Ross, Claire Ruud, Jack Schneider, Anne Sheard, Steve Zirbel, Gibran Villalobos, and Nina Wexelblatt